Things To Consider Before You Design Your Home

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Now you can easily design your home after your wish. People may tell you anything, may suggest you of doing such and such things but if you think you are right you can easily go along your own style. There was a time when the home equipment had to be after the choice of the neighbors but now you are the sole person to choose what would be the colors of your furniture. You have to brood over no body’s opinion.

Today the outlook has drastically been changed. What you like may not be liked by your kids or your wife. Hence the mater goes a bit critical. Once you had to pay heed to your neighbor, now you must bother for the suggestion of your kids and wife. You must pay heed to them. The choice is different. The youths prefer simple and sleek. They never choose anything that once looked gorgeous. Hence all you have to do is to brood over the kids’ ideas and offer your home a modern look. In this way your own idea plus the idea of your kids and your wife may offer your home a perfect updated room.

Take the example of your sofa. Once you must have watched that the sofa was very bright in color. Now most of the sofas have colors that are neutral. The shades generally used now are black, white, gray, cream and brown. The idea of he modern look is to make the perfect use of the colors soothingly accentuated. If bright colors were used the grandeur of your room were surely damaged.

Now you have to go for a wall art that is absolutely modern. In the market there are many wall arts. Never try to be confused. Always find out the wall arts that have lines that are well defined. The wall art must be simple when the question of theme comes. There are abstract arts too. Always be careful that color of your art must match with the background of your room. Otherwise the beauty of your room is sure too be damaged.

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How To Repair a Fireplace – Part 2

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If they are very badly damaged or there are missing pieces, new firebricks can be formed in place with moldable firebrick. This is a very stiff fire cement supplied ready to use. After clean­ing and dampening the opening, you simply tap balls of the fire cement into place with a hammer and mold them to the shape required for the firebrick.

Remove any loose firebricks and carefully brush them clean – as well as the backing to which they are to be refixed. Dampen this area and the back of the firebricks, trowel fire cement on to the backing and then press the firebricks in place, tapping them into position using the wooden handle of a hammer. Do not hit these bricks too hard or you will crack them.

If you have a standard opening (16 or 18in wide, measured across its mouth), it will probably be best to fit a new fireback. In many cases you can do this without removing the fire surround. But if the surround has to be moved anyway, do this first before you install the new surround to make fitting the fireback easier.

Removing a fireback is a messy job, so empty the room as far as possible and cover any remaining items with dust cloths. Wear old clothes and a dust mask and lay extra dust cloths over the hearth and the floor around the fireplace. Take away any separate parts of the fire such as the grate and then remove the fireback in pieces, using a cold chisel and hammer to break it up.

There may be a fire-resistant rope between the fireback and the back of the surround. It will probably be asbestos-based and should be left in place if it is in good condition. If the rope is crumbling, however, you will have to remove it and dispose of it as local rules require.

Wearing a dust mask and gloves, first lay plastic sheets in the opening, then spray the rope with water to dampen it. Place it in a plastic bag for disposal by the local authority. The plastic sheets should also be disposed of in a similar way.

Behind the fireback will be loose mortar and broken bricks. If this is in sound condition, it can be left. If, however, the heat has made it crumble badly, you should shovel it up and clear the recess completely of debris. This is a good stage at which to have the flue swept.

The fireback may be supplied in one or two pieces. A one-piece fireback will be cast with a central horizontal cutting line. If you tap the back gently along this line with a bolster chisel and hammer, the two halves will separate.

Put the bottom half of the fireback in position so that it lightly compresses the fire-resistant rope at the back of the surround. If this has been removed, put a straight piece of wood across the opening to be sure that the front face of the fireback will be just behind the inside edge of the surround when it is fitted.

Mark the outline of the fireback on the hearth, remove the fireback, dampen the hearth and spread a layer of fire cement on it. Lift the fireback into place and tap it down until it is correctly positioned and precisely level.

Now place two thicknesses of corrugated cardboard behind the fireback to provide an expansion gap between that and the infilling that has to be put into the rear cavity.

Fill in behind the fireback with vermiculite mortar – made from one part hydrated lime or cement and four parts vermiculite (as used for attic insulation). Alternatively, make up a mix of one part lime, two parts soft sand and four parts broken brick. These soft insulated fillings will allow the fireback to expand under heat without cracking. They will also absorb heat and help to protect the wall surface behind the fireback.

Lay a bed of fire cement on the top edge of the lower section of the fireback, lift the top section into place and tap it down. Again, put two layers of corrugated cardboard behind the fireback and fill in with weak insulating mortar. Tamp down the filling with a stick and, at the top, smooth it off at an angle of about 45° to form a smooth ‘throat’ into the flue. Sloping mortar may also be needed at the sides to prevent the formation of any ledges, where soot could otherwise collect.

For most modern fires, the throat should be about 12in wide and 4in deep. In older houses the throat may be much larger than this and it will be a good idea to fit an adjustable damper into the flue at this stage of the project to reduce unnecessary heat losses up the flue.

If the flue is old and has not been used for some time, it may have deteriorated to the point where it leaks fumes and does not draw properly. It would be sensible to have it tested by a chimney specialist. If a new flue lining is required, this can be fitted at this stage.

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How To Repair a Fireplace – Part 1

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If you are going to keep a fireplace, you may find you have to make certain repairs. There are a number of problems you are likely to encounter.

Loose tiles – Concrete fire surrounds are often covered with ceramic tiles and over the years it is quite common for these to work loose or become cracked or chipped.

Loose tiles should be carefully eased out so as not to disturb adjacent ones, unless these are also loose and therefore need removing. With a small, sharp cold chisel, carefully remove traces of the old tile adhesive or mortar from where the tile came away from the concrete back­ground. Never attempt to chip old adhesive off the back of the tile, since this would probably crack it. Soak it overnight in water.

Clean off the debris then spread heat-resistant tile adhesive with a notched spreader on to the back of the tile. If only one or two tiles are being replaced and they are fairly well away from the heat source, you can use ordinary tile adhesive, to which a little pva adhesive or bonding agent should be added.

Press the tile into place so it is level with adjacent ones and wipe away any surplus adhesive. You can grout the tile once the adhesive has set. You will probably need a cement-based grout to match the existing one.

Cracked and chipped tiles – In an old fireplace the tiles may well be valuable. In this case it is certainly worth keeping the original ones, whether or not they are crazed, cracked or chipped. To attempt to replace them would ruin the value of the fireplace.

Damaged tiles in an attractive, but not particularly valuable, fire surround can be replaced. You will be very lucky to find a good match for the old ones. So rather than attempt to find an exact replacement, it may be better to go for harmonizing, but entirely different, tiles.

You must remove the damaged tiles bit by bit using a small cold chisel and hammer. Start in the middle of the tile and work outwards to the edges, taking care not to damage adjacent ones.

If a number of tiles are damaged, you should consider retiling the entire surround using heat-resistant ceramic tiles. The new ones can be stuck directly on to the existing tiles, if these are firmly fixed. Where tiles are missing, you can fill the gaps with new tiles, using a heat-resistant ceramic tile adhesive.

Cracked hearth – If a crack in the hearth is due to settlement, do not disturb it. Simply fill it with wall filler. If the sections of the hearth either side of the crack are at different levels, brush the lower section with pva bonding agent or adhesive and build up the surface with filler or cement mortar. When the repair is complete, you can retile the hearth by bonding new tiles into position.

Damaged marble – If cleaning does not remove stains on marble, you can try using a propriet­ary marble cleaning kit, available from specialist fireplace shops. There are various types you can buy. A popular cleaner includes a paste which you spread over the stained area and leave for 24 hours to absorb the stain. A special abrasive polish for marble is available to com­plete the repair.

If a marble surround is chipped and you still have the broken piece, use a two-part epoxy resin adhesive to glue the chip back in place.

If the broken part is missing, make a marble-colored filler by mixing some kaolin powder (china clay) with epoxy resin adhesive, if necessary coloring it with a dye. Rub it down with a carborundum stone or wet-and-dry abrasive paper when the filler has set and finish with a clear varnish or lacquer.

Damaged fireback – If a fireback is cracked or chipped, it can be repaired with fire cement. Let the fireback cool, if you have been using the fire, and rake out the cracks with the edge of a wallpaper scraper or the tip of a mason’s trowel. Ideally you should undercut (widen) the crack with your scraper so that the fire cement will hold better after hardening. Remove all soot with a wire brush and clean away any dust and other loose debris.

Spray the whole area, particularly inside the cracks, with water then press the fire cement into the cracks and holes, making sure the surface is smooth. The cement, incidentally, is supplied in containers ready for use. Leave it to dry for as long as possible before lighting the fire again.

Loose, damaged or missing firebricks – If you are going to use the fireplace, you will need to repair or replace the fireback. In most cases it will be molded in fireclay and will be in one or two pieces. In older fireplaces, however, the fireback may be formed from several specially shaped sections.

Modern firebacks are made in one or two pieces and in standard sizes to suit modern openings. So if you have a period cast-iron or other old fireplace, it will be worth keeping the old firebricks even if they are badly cracked. They can be patched up with fire cement.

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Valuable Tips For Home Improvement

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After you get the stability in your present job while you are looking for buying a fixer-upper or rental home, there are lots of opportunity available in front of you. After choosing the target home and completing the purchase, you may want to work on home improvement that adds value of the home.  Kitchens and baths are the two places to invest some modifying dollars. To work efficiently in the kitchen you should manage kitchen storage properly so that it is safe and clutter free. To make you kitchen clutter free you need to organize your kitchen equipments like casseroles, pots, pans etc properly. You can arrange things in the store cupboard to get ample space. After unfilled the pantry, you can arrange the food items by size, so the bigger packages should be place on the higher part of the pantry, and the smaller packages down below.

You can buy many containers in home improvement stores to store more food in one container. The kitchen apparatus that includes can openers, knives, ladles and spatula should be kept at the drawers near the oven. The utensils that are no more in use can be kept in the garage but it is better to label them to avoid guessing what the boxes actually contain. An organized kitchen consists of more kitchen storage space, and managing spaces carefully lets you move around the kitchen with ample space. There are many pot lid rack and hooks are available online. You can purchase them online that help you with the lids from scattering over here and there in the kitchen.

Remodeling a bathroom is also a part of home improvement. Toilet is one of the most important, and used, items in the bathroom. When most people think of a toilet they depict the iconic ceramic bowl. This is very common design and there are dozens of unique designs available now-a-days. For fish lovers Oliver Beckert has a fish tank toilet. Vanity lights are ideal for enlightening your face when you apply the makeup. It is usually positioned on both sides of the mirror to avoid shadows across your face. Next one is the shower area, depending on its size, a recessed match is ideal when there is a yellow glass lens. It is also perfect in areas where the tub is placed.

To give your bathroom home improvement project a classy look you might be able to add some nice curtains around your mirror for very little cost. This may be another idea that seems a bit different, but again it is these types of simple touches that can add real value without costing you an arm and a leg to complete. You can give your bathroom a classy look by painting your bathroom sink. You may want to give your bathroom sink a touch of class by considering painting some nice design on it. You could visit to some home improvement stores and see if they have any sink painting designs to go by. If you are unsuccessful at finding any examples, you will be able to find the designs online also.

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Benefits of Photos on Canvas

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Photos are indeed a magnificent entity to keep the glorious past remain with you forever. They remind us the happiness days, the priceless moments and unprecedented situations. is providing a noteworthy approach to uphold the heart-touchy photos. The past reflections are retransformed into a dashing and tempting photo canvas print and preserve the old moments in a dignified manner. The converted canvases can be presented as a unique gift so as to make it a lively moment.

Here in this site you will be completely satisfied with their service and the benefits you achieve. You just need to complete three easy steps and the completed canvas will be delivered to you within 24 hours for free. This service provides you with a lot of benefits with full guarantee of 10 years on the canvasses. You need to upload a digital photograph to the site and with their online editing options edit the photo according to your need. Moreover you get valuable advice from their expert artist and design team and ultimately will be able to see the finalized canvas virtually. If you have a printed photo and feel nervous to send it for scanning, you are completely mistaken as this site takes the full responsibility of your belongings and even guarantee to mail it back to you with the canvass. All editing, finalizing and delivery processes are completely free and trustworthy and you will be asked to pay only according to your ordered size of the canvas.

Choose among the attractive and flashy design of canvases and add your preserved photo into it. Then after the payment is done, the finished product is there at your doorstep. For further details please contact their professional customer service or visit website.

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