Fire Damage Restoration Tips

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Fire Damage Restoration Tips

It is a matter of common erudition that fire is one of the biggest causes of damage to homes, and be it electrical or oil based or even a simple match-stick fire, the damage done to our sweet homes is simply irreparable. However, there are a few facets to fire damage that can be restored by exercising a few proper steps and taking adequate care while doing so which is subside the impact of the disaster.

Repairing smoke damage to walls is the first thing to improve the aesthetics of the house after a fire damages a house. Well, smoke tarnished the beauty of the walls and if the smoke color is not too dark or if the issue is not so serious, you should be able to scrub it off with some disinfectant or detergent.

The next thing that you will have to concentrate is getting rid of mold and mildew. While this is not as easy as scrubbing off smoke, it can be fixed and we recommend you to hand over the task to professionals. It can contaminate furniture, carpets, clothing, mattresses, etc. and this problem will be aggravated if you mishandle the situation.

Repairing flooring and carpets can be a taxing task and if the damage is not very severe, you can consider fabricating the carpets or polishing the flooring to a certain extent. However, if the fire has eaten up too much of floor space or devoured a large part of your carpet, we sincerely recommend changing it at the earliest lest it become an eyesore.

Dishes and kitchen ware have to be taken care of very properly as a fire can cause serious damages to health in case it sticks to plates and glasses. It can be easily spread and may cause hazardous respiratory syndromes. We regret the fact that a fire damaged your house but we hope that our tips help you a tad to restore your house.


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Make Your Kitchen An Accident Free Area

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While kitchens are the most important parts of our homes indubitably, they are also some of the most accident prone areas! However, not to worry, with the advent of technology, there have come up a number of systems and techniques, why, even accessories to protect your precious kitchen and prevent it from being roasted! In today’s world, a statistic points out that the major cause of kitchen accidents are hungry young children who invade your kitchen in search of food and end up with a mess.

Fortunately, there is a way to prevent such mishaps. And you guessed the solution right! You can use various kinds of racks depending upon the mischievousness of your toddler. There are a number of racks for you to choose from, in the market, such as magnetic racks, wall mounting boxes, carousel spice racks, etc. These racks will help you store spices and other hazardous foodstuffs from your kid and save the spices, and more importantly the kid!

Other than racks, you can also modify or rather fortify your kitchen by installing fire alarms which go off at the slightest hint of a smoke or fire! This will definitely help in noticing fires that cannot be easily noticed until it is too late, electrical fires for example. Also have a mounted work stand or burner set when you have kids because they might accidently touch the hot metal part of the burner. Make sure you have all the wall sockets plugged or switched off, in case it is not being used by any appliance, so as to safeguard from any electrical mishap that might just happen, as a by-accident maybe!

We hope these tips help you in making your kitchen a tad safer than it was before! And stay safe!

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