5 Ways to Improve Your Yard for Summer

Posted by admin | Home Improvement | Posted on February 4th, 2014

Summer Garden
When summer arrives we love to get outdoors and enjoy the weather. What better place to do that than in your very own backyard? With just a little bit of attention you can spruce up your yard ready to enjoy for the summer months.


Give it a Good Clean

The first thing to do is to give everything a good clean: your pathways, fences, outside blinds and outdoor areas will look great after a thorough wash. Use a gerni pressure cleaner and the job will be a breeze. If you don’t have one, check out http://www.stihl.com.au/ where you’ll find lots to choose from. A gerni will take all the hard work out of this job and give great results.


Add Some Colour

Now that everything is sparkling clean, look around and see where you can add some colour. Grab some bright paint and freshen up a few things, perhaps your mailbox or some of your outdoor pots or planter boxes and other garden ornaments. You can add brightly coloured contrasting flowers to your freshly painted pots for a real burst of life. Choose bright and happy summer colours, blues and reds are great. If you have wooden outdoor furniture a coat of colourful paint will definitely give it a new lease of life. You can paint up old metal wheelbarrows and watering cans and pop them into the garden for a colourful feature. It is amazing what a bit of colour will do.


Freshen Up the Garden

Replace plants that aren’t doing too well and add some bright flowers into the mix. Add some fresh mulch to your garden beds. You can get mulch in lots of colours; browns, reds, blacks and greys. Choose a colour that will work for you. Mulch should be applied really thickly to last well; roughly 7cm thick is about right. Your garden will look brand new with a good layer of mulch applied. Mulching will also help keep summer time weeds at a minimum. Does your edging need an update? Maybe add some fresh rocks, bricks or timber or rearrange existing edging for a different look.



Adding some in-ground lighting fixtures around your garden will make your yard much more appealing at night. You can line your driveway or paths and also place lights in random positions in the garden, highlighting special plants and trees. Solar powered lights are available so energy is not an issue. Enjoying the yard on cool summer evenings will be just lovely with a few lights around.


Add Some Ornaments

Personalise your yard by adding ornaments to your taste. You may like to add a bird bath to your garden. It will look nice and may also attract a variety of birds to your yard. Some people love garden gnomes and add a touch of colour and fun with these little creatures. Water features can be a beautiful addition to any garden and add a relaxation factor. A nice garden bench can look great under a shady tree. The options are endless.

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