Thinking About an Automatic Garage Door

Posted by admin | Outdoor | Posted on April 22nd, 2013

Automatic Garage Door

In most cases you have two different types of garage doors: automatic and manual, with automatic being the most popular for quite a few different reasons.  If you’re looking to upgrade your garage door and are wondering what the benefits are of switching over to an automatic garage door, you’ll see that there are quite a few.

The biggest difference between an automatic garage door and a manual one is that an automatic door uses an opener box like the ones you find at North Shore Commercial Door to open the door so you don’t have to.  Manual garage doors need to be handled by you personally in order for them to open.

Probably the biggest advantage of installing an automatic garage door system into your home is the fact that it’s much easier and more convenient than a manual one.  You’ll be able to open your garage at the very literal press of a button, which means no more getting out of your car to lift the door by hand.

Most automatic garage door openers also include remote switches that you can keep with you in your pocket or attach to your car’s interior.  These boxes work from quite a long distance so you won’t even need to be right in front of the garage in order to open the door, which means you can just drive right in and be done with it.

A good number of the automatic garage door systems on the market these days can only be opened by using the remote box or the panel that is attached to the door on the garage; they can’t be opened manually.  They’re designed this way to increase safety and security.

When you install an automatic garage door with these features you’ll be able to rest assured knowing that there is no possible way of someone getting into your garage unless they break the door down, meaning everything that you’ve locked away in there is safe at night.  This is incredibly useful for people who go away on business a lot or aren’t home very often as this provides and extra layer of security that manual doors just don’t have.

Another benefit of using an automatic door versus a manual one is that they’re often safer for you personally.  Manual doors work on a track system, which mean you lift the door until it bounces back far enough for it to catch so it doesn’t come back down.

Automatic garage doors are without this so you won’t need to worry about being hurt while you’re opening the door.  It’s completely mechanized so there’s no chance of you accidentally “dropping” the door on yourself, your pets, or anyone else, which is a huge benefit for those of you who have kids that like to follow you everywhere.

There are a lot of benefits to installing an automatic garage door into your home including the fact that most homes with them will resell for a much higher value than those that have manual doors.  When you couple this with all of the other advantages you face when you invest in an automatic door, there’s really no question which is the better choice.  You’re going to see a lot more return on the investment and have a lot of benefits and perks from using an automatic garage door system.

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